Purpose of This Blog:

This blog will serve as a gateway to various Christian apologetics and theology related resources available online.

Below you will find feeds from Christian apologetics / theology related blogs, fees from contra atheism blogs, feeds from YouTube, links to specific responses to alleged Bible contradictions, audio, books, DVDs, Christian and contra atheism related images / illustrations / apparel, etc.

“Feeds” refers to the fact that each reference to a blog will be automatically updated with the hyperlinked titles of the blog’s latest posts.

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Christianity, Apologetics, Theology, Atheism, Atheism T-Shirts, Christian T-Shirts, Audio, Video, Books

Christian apologetics, theology and contra atheism related materials of all sorts are now available in one cyber-spot.

I have attempted to offer a one stop shop, as it were, where one may find information relating to Christian apologetics, theology and atheism in the form of blog feeds, books, audio, video, DVDs, an online apologetics academy, and even t-shirts, postcards and various other formats.

Have a look around and enjoy.