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This blog will serve as a gateway to various Christian apologetics and theology related resources available online.

Below you will find feeds from Christian apologetics / theology related blogs, fees from contra atheism blogs, feeds from YouTube, links to specific responses to alleged Bible contradictions, audio, books, DVDs, Christian and contra atheism related images / illustrations / apparel, etc.

“Feeds” refers to the fact that each reference to a blog will be automatically updated with the hyperlinked titles of the blog’s latest posts.

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Examine Examiner.com

FYI for all interested in writing: I have discovered that Examiner.com is a great place to publish articles and they are currently recruiting writers.

Think of it as a blog, except that the articles are to be structured more akin to a newspaper.
They pay their writers based on amount of traffic, # of subscriptions (basically, people signing in for email alerts), etc.
To get a taste; here is my site: http://www.examiner.com/x-34463-Albuquerque-Christian-Apologetics-Examiner
You can register with them here: http://www.examiner.com/Become_an_Examiner.html
As you register, you will see a section that asks if an Examiner referred you and that is where you can help a brother out and type in or select “Mariano Grinbank.”

You could be the examiner for your city on virtually any topic you choose. You could be the “Church Examiner,” “Religion Examiner,” “Home School Examiner,” “Parenting Examiner,” “Chinchilla Examiner,” “Taco Examiner,” or what have you.

Check out Examiner, see what they have to offer you and see what you have to offer them.